1. Drifter

From the recording The Entertainer EP

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Music and lyrics by Marc Aliana.

Produced by Marc Aliana. Co-produced by Febe Esquerra.

Recorded by Marc Aliana at his home studio in Oakland, CA.

Marc Aliana: vocals, guitars, synths, loops & keyboards.
Febe Esquerra: loops & samples.

Mixed by Febe Esquerra at Ometusco Sound Machine in Mexico City, Mexico.

Mastered by John Armstrong at The Lodge in Los Angeles, CA.

© ℗ Marc Aliana


I don’t want to be here any more

I’ve got no place to call my home
Been drifting all around and all alone
My friends are far away, I couldn’t stay
I wonder if they miss me anyway

My boots like open mouths
Overfed with the miles they devoured
When they were still hungry for new beginnings
Hidden meanings
Sunrise creeping in

I don’t want to be here any more

My hands are cold
One thousand winters ago you’d keep them warm
And I still wonder: where did you go?
Who stole your soul away from us?

I lost it all
They won’t talk to me any more
I’m only shame to my own blood
Guilt is heavy
Heart is aching
Bottle’s empty

I don’t want to be here any more
(Guilt is heavy)
(Heart is aching)
(Bottle’s empty)