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Front Page Superstar (Edu Freud Remix)

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Producer Edu Freud delivers a fresh take on Front Page Superstar, blending its original surf guitars and enigmatic story line with elements of D&B, trip hop and 90s electronic.


Handstands in a crowded street
Got arrested again in the name of a foreign queen Life high, entertainment cheap
Put him on the cover of a magazine
Who’s the man with face pristine
Everybody wondered...
We don’t know

Chic shoes and designer suit
Looking mean, clean Million-dollar face Sharp gaze through to you
Most knew they’d seen him before Was it in a movie or a TV show
Who’s the man of charms unseen Everybody wondered...
We don’t know

Front Page Superstar

Then back to the dirty track
To the same old tricks and the same old life out of a hat No no, they wouldn’t believe
He was the man on the cover of that magazine
An unknown celebrity
Dancing for quarters on Hay Street

Front Page Superstar