From the recording Front Page Superstar

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Music and lyrics by Marc Aliana.

Produced by Marc Aliana. Co-produced by Febe Esquerra.

Recorded at Marc Aliana’s his home studio in Oakland, CA.

Analog synths & background vocals recorded by Febe Esquerra at Ometusco Sound Machine in Mexico City, Mexico. Additional background vocals recorded by Dirty Hollywood at Horsetooth Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

Marc Aliana: vocals, guitars, synths, keyboards, loops and samples.
Febe Esquerra: analog synths.
Tribu Mala: background vocals.
Dirty Hollywood: background vocals.

Mixed by Febe Esquerra at Ometusco Sound Machine in Mexico City, Mexico.

Mastered by John Armstrong at The Lodge in Los Angeles, CA.

Tribu Mala appear courtesy of Ometusco Sound Records.
Dirty Hollywood appear courtesy of Eye 8 Music.

Cover design and "Aliana" logo by Álvaro Méndez. Original background image captured from the film "A Man With A Movie Camera," directed by Dziga Vertov and released in 1929 (no copyright/public domain).


Handstands in a crowded street
Got arrested again in the name of a foreign queen Life high, entertainment cheap
Put him on the cover of a magazine
Who’s the man with face pristine
Everybody wondered...
We don’t know

Chic shoes and designer suit
Looking mean, clean Million-dollar face Sharp gaze through to you
Most knew they’d seen him before Was it in a movie or a TV show
Who’s the man of charms unseen Everybody wondered...
We don’t know

Front Page Superstar

Then back to the dirty track
To the same old tricks and the same old life out of a hat No no, they wouldn’t believe
He was the man on the cover of that magazine
An unknown celebrity
Dancing for quarters on Hay Street

Front Page Superstar