Marc Aliana is a rock singer, songwriter and guitarist born in Barcelona and currently located in Oakland, CA, who has earned nominations in the American Songwriting Awards and the Hollywood Songwriting Competition. “La Güerita” is Aliana’s second single introducing The Entertainer, a concept EP that follows the rise and demise of an anonymous character on a desperate mission for success and celebrity. In the saga’s second chapter, The Entertainer gets his voice stolen by a wicked witch from the desert. Tex-Mex guitars, Krautrock-reminiscent synth work, and surfing-to-galloping drum beats set an indie-rock landscape to this epic tale of boundless quest and misfortune.

Aliana’s adventure in the US started in 2011. Landing in Los Angeles with a cabin-size suitcase, his Telecaster guitar, and no plans beyond a one-night stay at the cheapest hotel by the airport, he wound up in San Diego playing his first show in the country just a few days later. From there, he ventured out on multiple for-hire tours across the US, Mexico and Japan. The less glamorous side of touring came paired with survival-mode budgets which often had him sleeping on strangers’ couches, airport floors, or No-Country-For-Old-Men-esque motels. 

Attracted to its world-famous rock scene and cinematic history, Aliana relocated to LA and soon started writing his own material. However, vocal damage forced him to put singing on hold and completely rewire his technique. In 2015, Aliana was hired as the lead guitarist with Burn The Floor, an internationally renowned dance production that took him on a year-long world tour. He used his time off to resume writing, while retraining his voice in empty theaters and laundromats. Aliana later set up his home studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he produced and recorded The Entertainer.

Aliana’s first single “Front Page Superstar” was released in January 2018. Some of his current projects include writing a music video to be filmed in LA in the spring, and the full release of The Entertainer in the late summer.

Photo by Frank Rodrick.

Photo by Frank Rodrick.