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The internet offers great potential for artists who want to make music on their own terms. Musicians and their audiences can now engage in unmediated dialogue, as they break through the once-impenetrable walls built by the old music industry. 

My name is Marc Aliana and I am, first and foremost, a music fan. After many years of being a musician for hire, I am now excited to present my own project and welcome you to its home site! 

ALIANA is the result of many hours of loving work and dedication. If you enjoy my music, you can support me in the same way that you would support your favorite mom-and-pop store: by coming back, and telling your friends about it ;) 

Thank you for your eyes and ears... and cheers,


Latest News

11.16.18 — My new single "The Entertainer" is now available on all major digital platforms worldwide, and in this website's music section.

11.03.18 — My new single "The Entertainer" will be available on November 16th! You can pre-save and listen to it now at